In a world of magic, a powerful being lays dormant. Within it, an ancient treasure is waiting to be found.

Just remember: not all treasures bring good fortune... for this is The Last Dungeon

For thousands of years the dream of all adventurers has been to conquer a dungeon. The harder the dungeon the better. Young or old, the treasures and unique items would stir their desires for power and riches.

For these selfish reasons hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of dungeons were conquered... and killed.

By the time mages discovered that dungeons created the mana in the world, some spells were already forever lost. By the time adventurers discovered that dungeons were sentient beings, it was already too late.

Hunted until extinction, an ancient lonely dungeon sleeps in a hidden village. Within it, a secret awaits for its last master...



The Last Dungeon is a very fast-paced action game.

Combining the common side-scrolling from beat'em up genre with battles inspired in fighting games, trying to hack and slash will only get you so far.

Choose the character matching your spirit and prepare to fight great monsters that are far beyond your reach.

Jump, attack, defend, counter, evade. Each enemy can bring you to your knees. And while fleeing may be seen as cowardly, it can keep you alive...



Three heroes with different fighting styles

Trained in the way of the sword, the knight fights at medium range with high defense and wide attacks.

With a high mana pool and powerful attacks, the mage is the master of ranged battles.

Blessed with a body akin to a divine artifact, the monk is a peerless martial artist.



  • Story-driven game with a surprising plot.
  • Main story mixed with random quests and battles.
  • Side-scrolling in 3D perspective.
  • Challenging enemies and bosses.
  • Fast-paced combat.
  • Three characters with different fighting strategies.
  • Sophisticated system of combos and counters.
  • A unique upgradable skill system.
  • Challenging minigames with online scoreboard.
  • Single and multiplayer in offline mode.
  • Fun and nerve-wracking gaming experience.
  • High replayability: unlocking skins increase playing styles.